Welcome to Tres Beau

Tres Beau was started in July 2004 when a Newb named Kimmera decided she had enough of the basic wardrobe she had been given by the gods of SL. It amazes me how much SL has changed since then....We had no Skins, we had no prim Hair, No AO's, we all walked like truckers..LOL...we had default shoes and simple clothing. Today, we are beautiful in flowing hair, high heels and clothing to die for! I have nothing but respect for all of those who share their skills and talents, creating new and exciting things daily and making SL the most amazing online chat program ever!...Thank You !.................

Tres Beau is known for what was possibly the first wedding gown created in SL, and is still offering the finest bridal in SL.

Tres Beau is not only Bridal, I also offer a line of Casual wear, shoes, Lingerie, Mens, Retro and Formal. Come see Tres Beau today, and keep checking back! There's always something new at Tres Beau :)